Love and online dating when you’re retired

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Love is not a feeling that changes with age, but how we think is.

The only thing that change with age is how we look at things and how we react to our emotions.

Love however, will stay the same no matter if we’re young or old, if you let love in.

In my years alone from the age of 52 to 63, I’ve only seen a few couples in my age that hold hands and act as they are in the mid twenties.

I’m now 67 myself, and been with the same man for the past 4 years.

We hold hands, we kiss in public and we make sure we travel the world as much as our bodies can take.

Most of my friends have been married for over 30 years and I feel that many of them are together because they don’t have the energy or self-esteem to start over.

One of my friends even said the words -”I’m too old to start over now”.

If that is something you as a reader have said, then i would immediately say that those words are utterly wrong.

Don’t give up on life and settle for less just because you’re older, always live life to the fullest as much as you can.

I can understand that some have sickness or other things that have a tendency of limiting the way you want to live your life.

However, we humans have an amazing way of adapting to our situation and surroundings, so I bet that 99% of you can change your life for the better in a very short period of time.

Don’t let normal problems come in the way of love, they are entirely different things no matter how you look at them.

Love can also open doors to help you get through almost anything in life.

First things first, how do you find love as one of thousands of retired singles in America?

Well, if you do have some energy and love for adventure in your body, then I recommend you to travel the world.

There is nothing better for your soul than to meet other people from other culture and shake your hips a little.

Some don’t like to travel too much and want to be in a safe and cozy environment, for you I recommend meeting friends and try to attend as many social gatherings as you can.

There are literally thousands of retired singles in America that long for meeting their true soul mate, even in your state.

There are another way as well, a more easy and exciting way that helped me meet my true love in America.

I used something called online dating.™ is the name of the dating site for retired singles in America. The free online dating site is actually for everyone of all ages, but they offer something that we retired people find a little more important than most youngsters.

They offer love from within, meeting someone for who they actually are.

They got two features that are amazing for just this purpose, and the first one is the one I used to meet my current Romeo.

These features are Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour.

Blinddate Match helps you become matched with other people based on who you are, value and is interested in.

When you find one that catch your interest, you will also be presented a short text that will tell just how you match each other on a personal level, both the good and the bad.

If that sounds interesting the excitement starts.

You will now start chatting with each other, but without seeing each others profile pictures.

The more you write to each other, the clearer the pictures become.

Great way of meeting someone from within and it will create an opening of meeting great new friends as well in the process.

Blinddate Hour follows a similar principle, but take time between 9 – 10 PM EST every day if they still offer the same as they offered me.

If you participate, all profile pictures will become hidden and you can now search and chat with different members based on the information you find.

You can see the pictures and who you talk to again when the time hit 10 PM EST.
This is also a great way if finding someone for who they really are.

I can truly recommend everyone to give online dating for retired people in America a chance, especially the one I recommended above.

This is because it worked for me and it will work for you, plus you don’t have to deal with complicated features or people who are not there for serious purposes.

You are wonderful, like a fine whiskey that just become better for each year that follows, don’t be alone when you can be loved.

Let yourself try something now, you will be surprised by the results.


Benefits of Online Dating


We all know that online dating can become extremely fun and exciting, but is it really beneficial?

Well, the short answer would be that it depends what you are looking for.

An online dating site in America is an excellent choice to meet new and exciting people, regardless if you want it for a short time or for the rest of your life.

Most top dating sites in the USA promote themselves as the best dating site in America for a certain type of people.

The main one would be people who are in search for true love from within and long-lasting relationships based on their inner qualities.

However, we all know that most free dating sites in America market themselves as great for a certain purpose but delivers poorly.

This is for two reasons mainly.

One is that keeping a dating site safe and secure while providing great features that are unique cost a lot of money, time and effort.

The other is that many are out for your wallet, not your heart.

This is common sense.

There are a few sites that have the means to create a great looking dating site with amazing features; these are the ones you should look for.

Those are the best dating sites in America and will become beneficial regardless what you are looking for.

The rest will just consume your time, lust and energy for nothing.

I always recommend my friends to find a free dating site that gives you the possibility to evaluate the dating site before you choose if you should make it your own cupid.

Paying money for nothing or shallow ways is not the way to go if you are looking for true love.

An example of the latter is e.g. paying for a feature that lets you be seen more often by other members for a week.

You should search for a provider that offers more than just a profile picture and a short presentation.

Let’s go back to the benefits.

Online dating is great for many different things, not only finding love.

By communicating with others, you’ll also learn from others.

You will become more comfortable, confident and experienced the more you chat with and meet various people with different personalities and stories.

Even a bad date can create an opening for exceptional growth.

It can also create possibilities for you to find new careers and adventure, just make sure that you are not naïve and can trust the person first.

You can find a lot of new friends on your journey for love.

These are just a few of examples on benefits with using top dating sites in America.

However, if you are in search for something true and long-lasting, then you need to choose the right provider.

Follow the points I wrote above and use both your common sense and gut-feeling.

You will come a long way on this.

Experience and knowledge come with time.

I can highly recommend the dating site I use for meeting people online.

The name of the free dating site is™.

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil the surprise by joining them, but I can say that it’s very exciting there.

I mean it; the site gives me the good kind of chills.™ lets you try real blind dating online which may just be the most exciting and even the best way to meet someone for their inner qualities.

The free dating site is also beautifully built and very easy-to-use.

The support and team that works there make sure to provide help, tips and advice along the way.

You also got a more secure atmosphere there since the team makes sure that no fake, rude or unauthorized profile is allowed to be a part of™.

I know, a little too much promoting, but in all honesty – the dating site is great!

Just make sure that you figure out what you truly want and take it from there. Do not listen to what the suppliers say, try it out for yourself.

When you know at least partly who you are, you will immediately know what kind of top free dating site you should use.

The benefits are endless then.

Best of luck to you!

Online Dating Tips for Men


Welcome to my article about online dating tips for men.

Now, I’m not an expert on this, but I do have some experience.

Hopefully, my experience will be of use to you so that you can get the most out of online dating as a man.

To start it simple – online dating sites are easy, women are not.

No matter how you look at it, women are complicated creatures.

However, we love them dearly and can’t live without them.

No matter how tough you are, a great loving girl can break every shell and make you feel all soft inside.

Though, finding a great loving woman is not that easy, and it’s become even harder if you are looking for the right one.

However, they are out there and there is not only one that is right for you out there, there are several.

How do I as a man get the most out of online dating then?

Well, let’s start with the basics.

First of all, you need to have confidence and meaning in your life.

What I mean is that you need to have a life outside the screen, and you need to be confident enough to express yourself.

The more you experience and grow as a person, the more you will be able to tell and show to your potential date.

This includes online dating as well, you will be much more interesting if you can market yourself as someone fun, spontaneous and adventurous.

Almost like you don’t have time for online dating.

As I wrote above, you also need to be confident enough to express yourself.
You don’t need to be a macho Casanova, but you need to be able to say what you think and feel without sounding rude, desperate or arrogant.

This shows women a sense of security and maturity.

Communication is key when it comes to long-lasting and true love.

Let’s say that your personality and lifestyle is all set, now it’s time to set up a great profile and market yourself.

It sounds harsh to involve the word “market”, but that’s what it is.

Start with a profile picture that actually looks like you, no fancy angles.

The profile text should include who you are, what you look for, what you offer together with creativity and humor.

What kind of profile text would you fall for?

Always keep it positive when you try online dating, no matter how you actually might feel. No good catch wants to be with someone who is stuck in the past or bring up negative feelings for the present, especially before you really know each other.

When all that is set, then it’s time to start contacting women that might interest you.

Many of us focus way too much on the looks before anything else, this is wrong.

I’m not saying that having a personal preference is wrong, but it’s wrong to base your decision on the looks above all else.

If you seek someone who will love and enrich your life without a lot of complications, then you need to let the inner qualities take the center of the stage.

There is no dancing around this.

You can find someone great looking with a beautiful inside too, but you need to let yourself see what’s beyond the shallow surface.

When you finally found a match that you want to talk to, it’s time to figure out a great opening.

You can either start with why you found her interesting, or something way out of context that has humor in it.

Avoid cliché questions that everybody asks, she already receives these a few hundred times a month.

You can e.g. ask how she is, but do not open with it.

Read the message you want to send before you send it and see if you would like a similar message yourself.

If she answers and show interest back, then be yourself and keep using the above.

If she answers in a short or rude way, then move on and find someone worthy of your time.

She might be shy, so you can give the conversation a few tries if you are not sure.

These are some basic tips about online dating for men, hope this gave you some insight on the journey of love.

I have one more tips to give before the article ends and that is where you can get the best results in a fun and exciting way.

I mentioned above about the inner qualities,™ offers several features that really promote them.

I use it myself and have found it to be my favorite free online dating site so far, and I have tried a few.

Online dating should be a great place for finding true based on matching personalities, at™ you will have several options to do so.

I recommend you to give Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour a shot if you seek someone for a serious relationship, these are by far the best features I have tried online for meeting people based on who they really are.

Just take a look and you will probably feel the same way as I do.

Good luck and all the best!