Why are relationships complicated?

Couple having an argument.

In this article, I will mention a few opinions why I think many find relationships complicated and hard to keep.

Remember that these are my own opinions and doesn’t have to correspond to your own.

You are free to think and feel as you please.

I’ve been in three relationships myself in my entire life. First one was when I was fifteen and other two was in the last five years, I’m 32 years of age now.

First one lasted a year, second four years and the third a year again. In other words, the last one broke just a few months ago.

My thoughts have been circulating for a while now about why I can’t keep a steady relationship and I have a few ideas of why.

First one is kind of basic; we were not meant to be.

This is actually much more true than most would admit I think, since most don’t want to accept that something like that can be the case.

I mean, we were in love at some point and had great plans for the future, I think we rather stick to that thought rather than a waste of time.

The other reasons are communication and sacrifice.

Sometimes you need to put the one you love before your own interests, which many forget or don’t want anymore when the relationship is taken for granted.

Communication by speech and body-language is to express your feelings both good and bad, and also to solve issues before they become too big.

Most couples keep their feelings on the inside and sooner or later they explode for the most ridiculous reasons.

In my relationships, we lacked communication.
We thought that some issues didn’t matter until it ate our lust and energy so slowly that we didn’t realize it before it was too late.

This is partly my fault and their fault, if one can’t dance the other one has to lead in the beginning.

You always need two to Tango.

However, the reason why I think 90% of all relationships end is because of the first reason – not meant for each other.

We give all our love, time and energy for something and sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Better to accept it and embrace the feelings instead of hiding from it.

All of my relationships were found through friends.

Each of these girls was the best girl I had at the moment, that doesn’t mean that we were necessarily right for each other.

We based our decision on the information we had at the moment, being lonely and need of intimacy was a huge factor as well.

It’s nice to just have someone, even if they may not be the one.

I believe in giving the relationship more time to grow and become strong before you make it more or less official.

Not knowing the person on the inside and on a deeper level may crash the relationship in the future.

We usually show our own “faults” a few months in, when the new love feeling has faded and everything goes back to normal.

Basically, let love grow slowly instead of forcing it because you miss it.

Two weeks ago, I tried blind dating for the first time.

It was awkward, scary, but very interesting.
You learned a lot in the few hours you were there, but it didn’t end up with a date in my case.

I started Google on blind dating since I was intrigued and found a free online dating site called Blinddate.com™.

I have just used the site for around 10 days, but it opened my eyes to something, namely everything I wrote above on what was good for love.

They decided to create an online dating site for American singles that focus entirely on the information, or inner qualities to be more specific.

Basically, you start to know the inner qualities and break the eyes before you even meet!

With thousands of different people and personalities, you don’t have to meet the one who seems great at the moment, you can actually give it time and let it grow to find the best one for you, and vice versa.

I love the idea and I know it may be too early to praise the site, but I genuinely love the idea of blind dating online in a more secure environment.

I’m sorry for rambling on and on, I hope that I made a little sense at least.

Try blinddate.com™ and let love start from within, but in a slow pace that both can enjoy to creating something deeper.

Then you won’t need to see relationships as complicated any more.

Good luck!


Tips for Online Dating Conversations


It’s always fun to talk to new and interesting people. I mean, one of the best things in life is being able to grow as a person and experience new things, what better way to do that then meeting inspiring people?

If you are truly lucky and hit the jackpot, then you might even find true love which is not only making you grow, it gives a whole new meaning to your life.

However, meeting new and interesting people will take some time and energy from you, which is something many of us don’t have.

Well, we actually do have the time and energy, but we spend it on responsibilities and the rest gets wasted on things that don’t matter.

For example, if you work really hard one day and just got back home, then meeting someone new over a nice time on the coach in front of the tv would be unlikely.

However, meeting someone new will give a much more positive effect on your life, regardless if you are right for each other or not.

You will still grow as a person and you will also have the chance to gain even more out of life through different opportunities that might present itself.

If you are one of those people that don’t feel they have time or energy to meet someone new or even love for that matter, but still want it, then there is a solution.
Online dating is a perfect tool that allows you to talk and meet exciting new people all on your terms.

Write in the morning and answer in the night, it’s that simple.

By being a member on an online dating site, you also put yourself in an online community with various members that are in the search for something new themselves.

Instead of real life for example where there is a much higher risk that one might be susceptible and one is not, leading nowhere.

However, choosing the right online dating site and learning how to communicate online is crucial for great results.

Let’s start with the first one – choosing the right online dating site.
We all know that most free online dating sites have taken a too shallow approach on things.

You put up a great looking profile picture and write a few sentences for your presentation, then you might pay a little money to be seen by other user more for a week.

A few of them even let rating be their main features, which is even more shallow.

On these sites, it’s almost imperative that you look good and know how to act to catch someone great.

I recommend you to use a free matchmaking site so that you can evaluate it before you might pay for some of their features.

I also recommend you to use an online dating site that promotes your inner qualities and have more validated members.

I want to emphasize the importance of finding a free online dating site that has features that actually does this, not just say they do.

A great recommendation is the blind dating site – Blinddate.com™.

It cannot become any more personal than through blind dating, which foundation is built on personalities before everything else.

This online dating site lets you try this in a much safer and secure environment, and it’s so much fun!

Take a look at Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour which are their main features for meeting true love with a deeper meaning, or in a worst case scenario – great new friends.

Let’s move to the next step which is communication.

To make the conversation lead somewhere and give you the best chances of finding love, then here are a few tips.

  • Make sure you always keep it positive. We all have things in our past or present that makes us feel a certain way, don’t bring the negative to the table if you want to find true love.
  • Include humor. It doesn’t matter if you read a few surveys on dating or talk to people about it directly, everyone will say that humor is a trait they love and is attracted to.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of it. Relax and try your wings a little, if you don’t get a positive response for being yourself, then the person isn’t right for you.
  • Experience life outside so you can bring it inside. The more you know and experience in life, the more you will be able to bring to the table. Everyone loves people who make the most out of life.
  • Do not fight. Don’t start an argument with someone online that won’t lead anywhere, that negativity drains your energy.
  • It is not always what it seems. Today, we use smileys and all kinds of words and slang to express our “feelings” online. You do not need to read word for word or take things literally. People write in a certain way when they are stressed, sad, happy, angry or excited.
    You can e.g. receive an answer that is not to your liking, but the answer might be temporary because of a certain situation, it’s not personal.
    However, it’s a difference between back-off and give me time.
  • Shock for progress. If you can’t get the conversation to lead anywhere, especially at the start, then shock him or her with something unique.
    All the standard questions and compliments is something most receive on a daily basis.
    Write e.g. – “I saw an Ice Cream yesterday that really reminds me of you”.
    It doesn’t have to make sense.
  • Be interested. If you really want someone to feel for you, then you need to put an effort in getting to know them. Why did you write to him in the first place beside his looks?
    However, if they don’t show interest in getting to know you back and the conversation only goes one way, then move on.

I hope you found my tips helpful!