How well online dating works

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That online dating sites are growing on the market is not something new to any of us. Countless of free dating sites gets released year after year with the promise of finding love and friendship through them.

But how well do online dating sites work?

There are a lot of various statistics out there and depending on where you look, you might find a different number.

But to give you an idea, here are a few facts that most surveys agree upon.

  • With a population over 300 million in the United States, between 30-40% use some kind of platform for online dating. Even more if you count social media platforms.
  • Around 20% of the current committed relationships in the United States began online.
  • Over 70% planned their next date after their first one.
  • And around 40% of successful online dating led the marriages or serious long-term relationships.

So, if you do follow the statistics, then online dating seems to be a very reliable source for finding love.

If you do decide to try one of the top dating sites out there, you need to understand that the choice of platform is more important than you might think.

Just because it is a top dating site, doesn’t mean it’s automatically the right one for you.

As you might have heard, some people have really bad experiences with online dating.

Some might even say it’s filled with fake profiles or are just used for shallow purposes.

Again, it depends on which one of the top dating sites you use.

Everyone of them has their own pros and cons, so use your own common sense and find a supplier with tools and features that suit your needs best.

I’ll give you an example.

If you seek something serious that rely on the inner qualities, then you might need to look for a supplier with features that promote that.
A profile picture for e.g. just shows the outer layer of someone, you need to find a supplier that have their own unique ideas to promote your personality instead.

Online dating sites do work, and they do expand each year for a good reason. We urge you to give it a shot if you seek love or friendship.

You’ll have the possibility to meet thousands of singles in just one place, where most have the same intentions as you have.

All on your terms and in the security of your home.

If you’re scared or shy for some reason, then just try it out for the fun of it, it might open up some doors you wouldn’t believe existed.

Just use common sense, don’t be too naïve, and always be yourself.

If you do want a tip on a top dating site that do promote your inner qualities, then we can highly recommend you give™ a go.

Not only can it be used as a search and chat-platform like many other suppliers, they also offer Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour.

To try out Blinddate Match, you’ll be offered to take part in a survey about yourself. Based on the analyze from the answer you give, you will be presented with several members a day that matched you based on psychological grounds. You will even be given a short presentation on how the analyze think your personalities will match each other.

If that sounds interesting, you can start chatting.

An important note is that both of your profile pictures will remain hidden when you start the conversation. The more you talk to each other, the clearer the pictures become.

The other exiting feature is the Blinddate Hour. Every day between 9.00 – 10.00 PM EST, if you choose it, all pictures on the site will become hidden. Now you can make your own attempts on searching and chatting, but only based on the information you can see on each profile, no pictures. When the time hit 10.00 PM EST, all pictures will be visible again and you can see whom you talked to.

Features like this will open up doors that might have been locked otherwise. This way you can start talking to people based on who they really are, and build a stronger foundation already in the beginning for love or friendship.™ is a free online dating site, so I urge you to try it out and decide if it’s the right one for you.

Regardless, online dating does work and the numbers speak for themselves. Just make sure you focus on having a great time and be happy no matter who you choose to use, that is the point of living.


How to choose the right online dating website

Online dating is an excellent way to meet new people and even find love. I have used various free dating sites for several years, I was even there when the first dating sites arrived.

Back in the beginning of the online dating era, the options were limited and people’s opinions often made you feel bad for using a dating site.

I remember that some of my friends said that online dating was only for the desperate ones, the ones that couldn’t find love like everyone else.

Thinking back, it brings a smile across my face.

Oh, how wrong they were.

Every single one of my friends that had that opinion back then are using some kind of top dating site today.

It’s pretty ironic really.

I think those comments came from people who were proud and insecure, and not from an actual opinion.

Regardless of the reasons, free dating sites are now dominating the web and millions of people are using them daily.

If you would ever doubt the positive results a top dating site can offer, then I urge you to try it for yourself and check the many statistics that you can find online.

But there are some things you need to think about if you want to try online dating, regardless if you are looking for friends or love.


Decide what you want out of online dating

This will decide what online dating site you should use, how you should set your profile up and how you should interact with people.

If you are just looking for attention, well then you can pretty much use any dating site.

If you are looking for something serious and long-lasting, the decisions you make will matter a lot.

Decide on one of the best online dating sites

You should use one of the top dating sites out there. The reason is that they often offer better security, more verified members and more features that will help you on your journey, and they are often more fun as well.

Make sure that the one you choose has a free alternative, this way you can evaluate if the top dating site suit your needs or not.

“No one wants to buy a pig in a poke.”

So, which ones do I use and recommend?

I started out with eHarmony and

These dating sites were the first ones to hit the online market.

I turned to them because I was a more introvert person that still longed for love.

I wasn’t the person that liked clubs and alcohol, I was more the one you went fishing or travelling with.

These dating sites were good, but in the following years, even better dating sites arrived.

After trying various dating sites in the following years, I am now a frequent user of™

The reasons are many, but mostly because it has features that promote the inner qualities.

I mean, they don’t use the name “Blind Date” for nothing.

I recommend you to take a look for yourself.™ is a top dating site with a free alternative.

I also want to mention two unique features that you might love if you, like me, are in the look for someone beautiful on the inside.

These features are named Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour.

Blinddate Match

This new and unique feature really shows how far science has taken us.  By taking a short personality test of 41 questions, they can match you with several other members on a psychological level. The analyze will also offer you and your match a short and fun presentation on how you match each other, both the good and the bad. You then have the option to start chatting if you find the results interesting. Your profile pictures will remain hidden in the beginning of the conversations, but the more get to know each other, the clearer the pictures become. This lets you get to know people on a more personal level.

Blinddate Hour

This is an exciting new feature that will be offered every day between 9.00 – 10.00 PM EST if you want. What it does is that it will hide all the pictures on the top dating site in that 1 hour. You will now have to make your own attempts on searching and contacting people, but you won’t be able to see who you talk with. You will basically have to make your decisions based purely on the information you find. When the hour comes to an end, all picture will become visible again. Now you can see whom you talked with and decide if you want to continue the conversation. This as another unique way to promote the inside first.

If you do not wish to use the blind date option, then you can use the top dating site as any other free dating site out there.™ is just a very good dating site that offers more possibilities, especially if you are looking for something serious.

But just because a dating site is great for me, doesn’t mean it’s great for everyone else.

So, I recommend you to try™ for yourself. But I can promise you that it won’t become any more personal then there.

Online dating Pros and Cons

Online dating is growing larger and larger. It has given millions of users the possibility to find new friends and lovers. But it hasn’t always been like this.

Around 2014-2015, between 20-30 % of Americans (depending on surveys), said that online dating was only used by desperate people. That statement has somewhat changed today, as the social environments on the internet has become a habit for many. And with all the positive statistics and feedback about online dating out there, it is hard to deny that it actually works.

But there are still some mixed feelings about online dating even today.
Caution is a good thing, but with some knowledge, you can avoid 90% of all the negative reasons that is keeping you away from online dating.

So, I wanted to go through the pros and cons about online dating, with some advice and statistics.

I also want to throw in something, or someone, that I think everyone should try.

First the good stuff, the pros.

Online dating works!

According to a survey 2014, 50% of the American adults are single. We expect the number to be even higher today. Around 40% of those are using some kind of supplier for online dating. That’s a lot!

Of the current committed relationships, 20% of them began online. Around 37% of those couples had their first date after a week of chatting. And because you already know more about the person before you meet, a stunning 77% planned their second date after the first one. It sounds promising, right? Well, it is.

With everything that comes between our happiness in life, it is hard to find the energy, lust or time to meet someone.

Online dating is a great way to keep it on your terms based on who you are and are capable of doing.

Even if you happen to be shy, introvert or any other reason that keeps you away from love, then online dating might just become your best friend as well.
The possibilities are endless. Not just for love, but for meeting great friends too.

But you need a great provider. I am a member of Tinder, Badoo, eHarmony and™.

I wanted to present™ to you.
Because they also have online blind dating, not just online dating.

First of all,™ is the only online dating site that I’ve used that has features that actually promote your inner qualities.

This is something that almost everyone says they have, but how many features have you seen that actually does it?

The design, security, support and features are all in the league of the top-class online dating sites out there. But these are not the reasons why I wrote this article.
The reasons why I like to promote™ is because of Blinddate Match and the Blinddate Hour.

Blinddate Match is a new and unique way to let your inner qualities take the center of the stage. You take a short test, let in analyze you and “whole”, you’ll be offered several matches with people who might suit you perfectly based on psychological grounds. They also give you a short and a cool presentation on how your personalities might match each other, both pros and cons. If you guys find it interesting, you can start chatting. But you can’t see each other, your pictures will remain hidden until you get to know each other more. Step-by-step the pictures become clearer the more you speak with each other.

Blinddate Hour takes its place on the online blind dating site between 9.00 – 10.00 PM EST every day. At this hour, all pictures on the site will remain hidden for that one hour. Search, find and chat by your own attempts – but only based on information and not the looks. When the time hit 10.00 PM EST, all pictures will become visible again and you can see whom you have been chatting with.

I can promise you that they’ll give you the butterflies.

Let’s say you find someone who had a great personality, but not really your taste for a relationship, then you just got yourself a new friend as a bonus.
Or that certain someone might become the one based on their wonderful personality.
These features create possibilities that might not have been given a chance otherwise.

A great addition to free online dating websites that I can recommend!

What about the cons?

There are actually only 2 things that I feel the need to bring up.

Step 1:

There is no denying that the internet can become a dangerous place. And you can’t always naïvely trust people, especially people you don’t know.
This is common sense.

Most of the people today that aren’t users of Online dating are reluctant because of their safety.

50% see themselves as private people, 48% are worried about their private information, and 46% are worried about scams.

Yes, you can get your information stolen and get scammed.

But everything can become easily avoided.

Most online dating sites today is highly secure, and they often hide your sensitive information.

The online blind dating site I’ve mentioned above is one of them.

Do not put anything on your profile that you wouldn’t like people to see.
If you also have an antivirus program that is reliable on your computer, then you’re secured enough.

When it comes to people, you wouldn’t give your address and bank-details to a stranger on the street now, would you?

Don’t do it online either, regardless of how friendly they might seem.

Step 2:

Yes, there are fake profiles out there.

But I want to calm your senses. Most fake profiles are not used to in any way harm you or steal your personal information.

Instead, gaining attention or for commercial purposes.

There is a higher risk that you find someone too extraordinary.

22% of users said to have asked their friends to help them spice up their profile.
They are not fake, just insecure. Which is natural.

The amount of fake profiles is a very small percentage of the total number of users.

And with online blind dating websites like™, you will see much more verified members to prevent the fake ones.

Solution? Exactly as in step 1, don’t be naïve.

Chatting is not hurting anyone, as long as you do not give out any personal details, then you are fine.

Don’t download anything out-of-order that someone might send too.

If you guys decide to meet. Tell someone where you are, what time you will be back and have your phone fully charged.

I don’t mean to scare you, but this is common sense for your own safety.
Meet at a coffee place or something and take it slowly.

As long as you do not make yourself vulnerable, you will avoid all risks.
And make sure you use a good provider.

I can really recommend online blind dating websites like, user tends to be more serious when they don’t rely on their profile pictures, instead who they are on the inside.

Hope I gave you a good read!

2017’s best online dating sites

Are you ready to choose a dating website? See below most popular online dating websites, along with stats and ratings for each. To try one of these popular sites for free, simply click on the site’s name to sign up for a free account.

Here are 2017’s best online dating sites:

Rank Dating Site Gender Ratio Expert Rating
1 M: 49% | F: 51%* ★★★★★4.9
2 Elite Singles M: 43% | F: 57%* ★★★★★4.6
3 Zoosk M: 48% | F: 52%* ★★★★★4.6
4 eHarmony M: 48% | F: 52%* ★★★★★4.5
5 M: 44% | F: 56%* ★★★★★4.4
6 M: 48% | F: 52%* ★★★★★4.4
7 BlackPeopleMeet M: 47% | F: 53%* ★★★★★4.0
8 SeniorPeopleMeet M: 41% | F: 59%* ★★★★★3.6
9 M: 65% | F: 35%* ★★★★★3.5