Is Love Possible Through Online Dating?

Is Love Possible Through Online Dating

Just reading the title would make most answer “Yes”, but the answer has most often come from common sense rather than experience.

Isn’t it weird that we have so much statistics in America that online dating works, but still have so many singles that don’t know if they can agree or disagree with those numbers?

The fact is, America has a huge population of singles, more than 50% to be more exact.

Why is that?

Well, there are many different factors as to why there are so many singles left in America.

Even with thousands of dating seminars, dating sites, pick-up artists, blind dating nights, social gatherings, dating events and much more, the number of singles in America is still as high as ever.

The most common reasons as to why this is happening are these:

  • Being too picky, shallow or too self-loving.
  • Occupied with kids, work, studies, distances, goals and dreams.
  • Too scared, worried, lost or confused.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to communicate and express yourself.
  • Too desperate and putting your happiness in someone else’s hands.

There are many more reasons, but these are the ones that I come across the most in America.

Many of these above are positive as well, e.g. chasing careers, dreams and goals.
Another positive reason can be a single mother who only wants the best for herself and her kids and don’t settle for anything less.

Being single, strong and independent is not a bad thing at all.

Having things that make you single against your will for personal or social reasons are worse.

Unfortunately, most singles have one or many of these factors put together.
It can for example be that one is single, work two jobs, have children, bad breakup in the past and long distances to the city.

These are not exactly optimal situations if you are looking or true love in America.
Another bad habit is that many are too scared, comfortable, arrogant, naïve, confused or lost in how to change their life and situation.

It’s much easier to do what you have always done and failure is a no go.
This does not only affect your love life, but your entire life and what you can gain from it.

True love is possible through online dating, but you need to figure yourself out and be honest as to why you haven’t found what you are looking for or have the life you always wanted.

It can seem as there is no way out, but there is no matter what has happened or is happening in your life.

You also need to understand that communicating online on a dating site is not the same as communicating in real.

You do not have the luxury of using body language, tones or expressions to show what you want, think and feel.

However, you get a lot of other perks for it when you try online dating out.

Give it time, it will come to you faster than you think, but you need a little persistence and patients when you use a top dating site in America.

If you want a recommendation for a free dating site in America that I use, then I can highly recommend™.

What is fascinating is that they have managed to create a top free dating site that also helps you on your journey of love.

They provide tips, tricks, advice and recommendation so you can get the most out of your online dating experience.

You also got the blind dating options like Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour which may just be the best features ever to promote one’s inner qualities and connect two hearts based on a more personal and deeper level.

I highly recommend you to check them out and look at the video so you get a better understanding of them, they create fantastic results.™ has also made sure that no rude, fake or unauthorized profiles are allowed to stay on the site.

If you put all these elements together, then you can be sure that each and every member has put in effort to make this community safe, secure, fun and most of all – genuine.

Either way, focus on yourself and strive to grow to be the best possible version of yourself every day.

True love will come knocking at your door when you have everything else on track in your life personally.

I urge you to read the book “Law of Attraction”, there is much more to it than just plain positivity.

Practice those thoughts and join™, your life will sky-rocket to new amazing chapters within the first month.


Benefits of Online Dating


We all know that online dating can become extremely fun and exciting, but is it really beneficial?

Well, the short answer would be that it depends what you are looking for.

Online dating sites in America is an excellent choice to meet new and exciting people, regardless if you want it for a short time or for the rest of your life.

Most top dating sites in the USA promote themselves as the best dating site in America for a certain type of people.

The main one would be people who are in search for true love from within and long-lasting relationships based on their inner qualities.

However, we all know that most free dating sites in America market themselves as great for a certain purpose but delivers poorly.

This is for two reasons mainly.

One is that keeping a dating site safe and secure while providing great features that are unique cost a lot of money, time and effort.

The other is that many are out for your wallet, not your heart.

This is common sense.

There are a few sites that have the means to create a great looking dating site with amazing features; these are the ones you should look for.

Those are the best dating sites in USA and will become beneficial regardless what you are looking for.

The rest will just consume your time, lust and energy for nothing.

I always recommend my friends to find a free dating site that gives you the possibility to evaluate the dating site before you choose if you should make it your own cupid.
Paying money for nothing or shallow ways is not the way to go if you are looking for true love.

An example of the latter is e.g. paying for a feature that lets you be seen more often by other members for a week.

You should search for a provider that offers more than just a profile picture and a short presentation.

Let’s go back to the benefits.

Online dating is great for many different things, not only finding love.
By communicating with others, you’ll also learn from others.

You will become more comfortable, confident and experienced, the more you chat with and meet various people with different personalities and stories.

Even a bad date can create an opening for exceptional growth.

It can also create possibilities for you to find new careers and adventure, just make sure that you are not naïve and can trust the person first.

You can find a lot of new friends on your journey for love.

These are just a few examples of benefits with using top dating sites in America.

However, if you are in search for something true and long-lasting, then you need to choose the right provider.

Follow the points I wrote above and use both your common sense and gut-feeling.

You will come a long way on this.

Experience and knowledge come with time.

I can highly recommend the dating site I use for meeting people online.
The name of the free dating site is™.

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil the surprise by joining them, but I can say that it’s very exciting there.

I mean it; the site gives me the good kind of chills.™ lets you try real blind dating online which may just be the most exciting and even the best way to meet someone for their inner qualities.

The free dating site is also beautifully built and very easy-to-use.

The support and team that works there make sure to provide help, tips and advice along the way.

You also got a more secure atmosphere there since the team makes sure that no fake, rude or unauthorized profile is allowed to be a part of™.

I know, a little too much promoting, but in all honesty – the dating site is great!

Just make sure that you figure out what you truly want and take it from there. Do not listen to what the suppliers say, try it out for yourself.

When you know at least partly who you are, you will immediately know what kind of top free dating site you should use.

The benefits are endless then.

Best of luck to you!

The best dating site for singles

best dating site for singles


Choosing the right dating site that suits who you are is imperative to find singles that will lead somewhere.

The chances of finding true love on a dating site that isn’t serious or who don’t meet your needs, will be slim to none.

However, if you manage to find exactly the right online dating site for you, then your chances of finding long-lasting and true love will increase drastically.

How do you find the best online dating site for you?

Well, first you need to find out what you actually look for.

If you don’t look for someone in particular, then most online dating sites will suffice.

Just have fun and try your wings so you are more prepared when you actually do know who you seek, you might even get a few friends along the way.

If you are looking for something serious and genuine, then there are only a few free dating sites available in my opinion.

As you might have already guessed, I will recommend one of them here.

A great and free dating site for singles will provide an easy-to-use interface, and a secure environment which protects you and your integrity.

It shall also have a team of workers who frequently check and validate their members so the dating site can be free of rude, fake or unauthorized profiles.

Lastly, the online dating site should also have a few unique features that help you on your path of love.

These features do not include the regular search and chat, or any shallow features that can easily be manipulated.

These features include possibilities for singles to meet each other based on their inner qualities, namely their personalities.

So how can you promote ones’ inner qualities on an online dating site?
There are a few ways to do this.

One way is to encourage the members to be themselves and value who they are on the inside.

You can also help the members on their journey to give encouragement, tips and advice on how to set up a genuine profile, start the conversation and make everything proceed fluently.

Last part are the features, this part however is much harder to accomplish
together with promoting ones’ inner qualities.

This is also why I will recommend a free online dating site for singles here down below.

The recommended free online dating site is

You can already figure out from the name that they offer blind dating as a choice.

What can be more personal and more promoting of ones’ inner qualities than a feature who doesn’t rely on looks at all?

That seriously makes your personality take the center of the stage.

I know that blind dating can have a little too exciting feeling to it, but that is what makes this dating site so unique, they make it so darn easy and enjoyable.

Choose for example Blinddate Match which is one of their features.

You take small and fun survey about yourself, let the system analyze you and then match you with several new members each day.

This is not what’s unique, it gets so much better.

When you receive a match based on psychological grounds, you will also receive a short and fun presentation on how your personalities match each other, both the good and the bad.

If that sounds interesting, then you can start chatting and this is where blind dating takes its place.

You will not be able to see each other in the beginning.

Instead, you will have to communicate with each other to make the picture become clearer step by step.

In the end, you will know what this fantastic person looks like and make a decision to either date or keep going as great new friends.

This is only one feature which makes™ so darn great and exciting.

The dating site has the possibility to work as a regular dating site as well, so you can take it all in your own time.

It’s important to know that this top dating site also suits older, younger, single mothers, single fathers, and people from various cultures, homosexuals and everyone in between.

I urge you to take a look because you only have much to gain and nothing to lose.

If you are looking for a serious dating site for singles with cool new features and an advanced matchmaking-system, then™ is the provider for you my dear friend.

Dating a Single Parent? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dating a Single Parent.jpg

No matter how much we want it, sometimes relationships take an abrupt turn and we end up being on our own again.

Sometimes, we might even have children that get affected by the break-up and we now have to go on as a single parent.

At this stage, it is important to not let sorrow, anger or even hatred takes a hold on you and your life.

These things just happen sometimes and there is most likely nothing you could have done to prevent it and at the same time keeping everyone happy, including yourself.

A break-up normally happens because we lose purpose and growth in the relationship, and also because we just weren’t right for each other.

They hurt, we all know that.

However, there is light in the end of the tunnel.

When we are in a relationship, it’s very common to end up with too many routines that are automated.

What I mean is that we just live, but we don’t enjoy life.

Sure, there are happy moments too, but we somehow stop to grow and seek new adventures because it feels so nice and safe back home.

Now when you’re a single parent, you have the best possible situation to channel all those feelings and do everything that you’ve always wanted to.
Even better, you can now do it with your child.

If your child is too young to share your experiences and dreams, then make sure that you take some time off now and then where one part goes to your child and one part goes to yourself.

It’s possible no matter how hectic your life might be, you just have to think outside the box a little.

When the child grows up, you’ll have the best friend you could possibly have.

Another light is new and true love.

I understand that this might be demanding, complicated and hard on you.

However, it’s extremely important that you don’t forget your own needs and urges as a single parent.

Love for your child is one thing, love for a partner is another entirely.
You deserve true love and you shall have it.

If you find someone fantastic, then your child will draw benefit from that as well and grow up even more supported and loved.

Meeting someone spontaneous or through friends is one option you can try out, but you might have a lot of doubt and insecurities in the beginning.

You have most likely been with the same person for years, meeting someone else can not only be scary, it can be risky.

You and your child don’t want to go through the same thing all over again.
Many even forget how to flirt or show interest in someone new, I read a very funny memo a while ago that goes like this:

  • “I talk about wanting a boyfriend, but I don’t even know what i’d do with one. Like, what do they do? Just kiss him and leave him alone in the corner. How often does it eat?”

Does that sound familiar?

If you want an easier and more secure way of finding true love, then I urge you to try out online dating.

It’s important that you don’t choose just any free online dating site, choose one that really promote your inner qualities and have more serious and sincere members.

The one I used before I met my new and current wife was™, that dating site is just the best online dating site for single parents.

First of all, it offers blind dating online.

This means that everyone you meet there are already familiar with and sincere enough to let the inner qualities take the center of the stage.

The thousands of validated singles there have all made sure to create a community with a deeper meaning beyond everything superficial.

In other words, you can be sure that you’ll meet someone who is both great for you and your child.

Using the features will also give you all the information you need before you might meet someone, this way you decrease the risk of getting hurt drastically.

Please check out Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour, I myself met my new wife through the first one.

It was a very exciting and fun new way to meet someone that special.

Even if you don’t hit the jackpot on your first try, you will in worst case scenario gain a great new friend that will enrich your life even further.

Best of luck!

Tips for Online Dating Conversations


It’s always fun to talk to new and interesting people. I mean, one of the best things in life is being able to grow as a person and experience new things, what better way to do that then meeting inspiring people?

If you are truly lucky and hit the jackpot, then you might even find true love which is not only making you grow, it gives a whole new meaning to your life.

However, meeting new and interesting people will take some time and energy from you, which is something many of us don’t have.

Well, we actually do have the time and energy, but we spend it on responsibilities and the rest gets wasted on things that don’t matter.

For example, if you work really hard one day and just got back home, then meeting someone new over a nice time on the coach in front of the tv would be unlikely.

However, meeting someone new will give a much more positive effect on your life, regardless if you are right for each other or not.

You will still grow as a person and you will also have the chance to gain even more out of life through different opportunities that might present itself.

If you are one of those people that don’t feel they have time or energy to meet someone new or even love for that matter, but still want it, then there is a solution.
Online dating is a perfect tool that allows you to talk and meet exciting new people all on your terms.

Write in the morning and answer in the night, it’s that simple.

By being a member on an online dating site, you also put yourself in an online community with various members that are in the search for something new themselves.

Instead of real life for example where there is a much higher risk that one might be susceptible and one is not, leading nowhere.

However, choosing the right online dating site and learning how to communicate online is crucial for great results.

Let’s start with the first one – choosing the right online dating site.
We all know that most free online dating sites have taken a too shallow approach on things.

You put up a great looking profile picture and write a few sentences for your presentation, then you might pay a little money to be seen by other user more for a week.

A few of them even let rating be their main features, which is even more shallow.

On these sites, it’s almost imperative that you look good and know how to act to catch someone great.

I recommend you to use a free matchmaking site so that you can evaluate it before you might pay for some of their features.

I also recommend you to use an online dating site that promotes your inner qualities and have more validated members.

I want to emphasize the importance of finding a free online dating site that has features that actually does this, not just say they do.

A great recommendation is the blind dating site –™.

It cannot become any more personal than through blind dating, which foundation is built on personalities before everything else.

This online dating site lets you try this in a much safer and secure environment, and it’s so much fun!

Take a look at Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour which are their main features for meeting true love with a deeper meaning, or in a worst case scenario – great new friends.

Let’s move to the next step which is communication.

To make the conversation lead somewhere and give you the best chances of finding love, then here are a few tips.

  • Make sure you always keep it positive. We all have things in our past or present that makes us feel a certain way, don’t bring the negative to the table if you want to find true love.
  • Include humor. It doesn’t matter if you read a few surveys on dating or talk to people about it directly, everyone will say that humor is a trait they love and is attracted to.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of it. Relax and try your wings a little, if you don’t get a positive response for being yourself, then the person isn’t right for you.
  • Experience life outside so you can bring it inside. The more you know and experience in life, the more you will be able to bring to the table. Everyone loves people who make the most out of life.
  • Do not fight. Don’t start an argument with someone online that won’t lead anywhere, that negativity drains your energy.
  • It is not always what it seems. Today, we use smileys and all kinds of words and slang to express our “feelings” online. You do not need to read word for word or take things literally. People write in a certain way when they are stressed, sad, happy, angry or excited.
    You can e.g. receive an answer that is not to your liking, but the answer might be temporary because of a certain situation, it’s not personal.
    However, it’s a difference between back-off and give me time.
  • Shock for progress. If you can’t get the conversation to lead anywhere, especially at the start, then shock him or her with something unique.
    All the standard questions and compliments is something most receive on a daily basis.
    Write e.g. – “I saw an Ice Cream yesterday that really reminds me of you”.
    It doesn’t have to make sense.
  • Be interested. If you really want someone to feel for you, then you need to put an effort in getting to know them. Why did you write to him in the first place beside his looks?
    However, if they don’t show interest in getting to know you back and the conversation only goes one way, then move on.

I hope you found my tips helpful!

How to Find Free Online Dating Websites for Single Parents


In this article, I will go through a few steps so that you can find an online dating website that suit you as a single parent.

It doesn’t matter if you as a single parent are looking for someone with children or no children, these tips work both ways.

I will also recommend a free online dating website that I use myself.

First, we need to understand what a good website for single parents is.

In my own opinion, it’s a website where you can meet someone who is so interested in your inner qualities that they don’t mind sharing or starting a family with you.

You will need to find a serious supplier who has serious members, avoid the ones that use a shallow surface in the center of attention.

If you try using Google to find a free online dating website that suits your needs, then you will quickly see how many results you’ll get.

With a little research, you can clearly see that it doesn’t matter what you search for, the same top dating websites will pop up regardless.

This is because they have market themselves well and use SEO which is Search Engine Optimization.

This makes it hard to see who is actually good for you and who is just using your keywords to present themselves as something they are not.

When an online dating website is developed, many of them will use a lot of different methods to market themselves.

The more members they have that might pay for their features, the more money they make.

They can also make money on ads and other things.

Most will be free, but to keep them up and running, they need to gain revenue somehow, which is both okay and natural.

We still get to use most features and can still meet a few new matches.

Another thing you might have noticed or will notice, is that most free online dating websites more or less offers the same interface and features.
You have the search and chat-functions together with a few features that will rate you as the “hottest of the week” or something like that.

Some offer you to pay a small amount of money to be seen more for a week or a month to other members.

In my opinion, these are both shallow and don’t give the right results.

Regardless of who you are, even as a single parent, you should always avoid online dating websites that promote shallow thinking.

Sure, if you are looking for something short and sweet or are very lucky, then it might be the right place for you.

If you are looking for long-lasting and true love or even great new friends, then that will be the wrong choice to make.

Why? Because everyone can upload a picture with a great angle and write a few clever sentences.

It won’t give the meeting any security, deeper meaning, seriousness and the meetings won’t be based on who you are, what you are interested in and what you value.

It can instead become misleading and fraudulent, and you will risk being hurt.

I recommend you to find a free online dating websites who actually gives you unique features that promotes what you actually seek.

Not the typical basic features, but new and exciting ones that really put your inner qualities first and match you with other members based on your personalities.

With a website like that, the members will be much more willing to put energy and effort in creating something genuine.

The ones who are not interested in something serious will be too lazy and not care to take part in what is needed of them.

With a better support and higher security that do not tolerate unauthorized access or fake profiles, then you have a great recipe for a serious website that can provide better results for single parents and everyone else alike.™ is the free online dating website I use and the one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

They provide you with both the basic features and new unique ones that promote your inner qualities and matches you with others based on psychological grounds.

I have found that the members there really seem to be polite and open, and I haven’t ones gotten any rude comment or seen any fake profiles.

I have been there a year now and I have just started dating one man who I find really interesting and down-to-earth, also good-looking which is a bonus.™ lets you try real blind dating online in a more secure and safe environment.

This is a great, exciting and fun new way to meet new friends and even true love because they start with who you truly are on the inside.

By far the best free online dating website I have tried, I urge you to take a look.
When you are inside, please take a look at Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour, these features are what makes online dating so good.

Best of luck to you!

Do and Dont’s of Online Dating


Are you a fan of online dating for meeting new and interesting people? Well, then you have come to the right place.

I started my own journey through Online Dating about three years ago now, and thanks to one online dating site that I’ve found and will recommend, I’m now happily married and we are waiting our first child.

Top free online dating sites are a great way to get to know new people all over the country, and one of those meetings might change your life forever.

I feel that there are several reasons why online dating is the best choice for finding love or new long-lasting friends.

The first advantage is that online dating makes the process of meeting someone new more safe and secure.

You chat from the safety of your phone, tablet or computer, and will already have some information about the person before the conversation even started.
Based on the information you see, you can easily choose if you want to proceed, move on or even block someone.

Another advantage is that every member is there for the same reason as you are – to find true love.

Top free online dating sites have thousands of members that are single and ready to meet someone genuine and serious.

Basically, online dating is a community of people looking for something with a deeper meaning.

A few sites offer a variety of features that can promote and help certain parts on your journey of love.

Some can even provide tips, tricks and advice from day one, to the day you meet each other.

Another advantage is that the messages and contacts will wait for you until you have time.

Sure, if you wait too long then the person might move on to someone else.
But you can easily contact a few, go on with your everyday business and read the possible answers in the nights.

It won’t affect your personal life negative at all, just bring positivity.

One more advantage is that you will grow as a person and gain knowledge that will be useful in the life you have outside the screen.

How to communicate, how to flirt, how to market oneself and so on.
There are even more advantages if you put your mind into it.

However, online dating also has a few negative sides, and these sides only come from the members’ themselves.

That is why I wanted to write an article about do’s and dont’s of online dating.

Let’s start with the negative and the dont’s.

I wrote above that online dating is like a community for people who is looking for someone with a deeper meaning, or more specific – long-lasting and true love.

Some people can’t or find it too complicated to find someone spontaneous, some have a bad past and some are too shy or worried.

Unfortunately, I have found that many use these feelings or situations as vulnerabilities to take advantage of.

These guys and girls are looking to deceive for personal gain and do not have the best intentions for the other person.

Don’t do this to good people, be honest with what you want.

Please do not send weird pictures to random people, it’s neither impressive, nor fun to see that uncomfortable and disgusting side of yourself.

Keep that to sites that promote these acts.

Another thing you should never do is to use free online dating sites for marketing purposes, fraud, attention seeking and bad behavior.

Words can hurt and mislead much more than you think, and internet bullying is a crime that is to be taken seriously.

Even through online dating.

If someone does not agree with what you think or won’t answer your messages, then move on and don’t start an unnecessary fight that won’t lead to anything good.

What can you do then?

The simple answer would be everything.

As long as you are honest with who you are and what you want, keeping a genuine profile and being polite, then there is no limit as to what you can do and gain.

Let the inner qualities take the center of the stage and make sure that you treat others and you would like to be treated.

Help to create an atmosphere that is safe, fun and rewarding at the same time.
If you see someone who are mostly leaning towards the dont’s then do’s, then report them immediately to the supplier of the online dating site.

Regarding inner qualities, I truly recommend you to give the free online dating site™ a chance.

This online dating site were created so that people can become friends and find love based on who they truly are on the inside, what they are interested in and what they value.

The top online dating site is also very secure and keep a good eye on its members’, each member is validated through a unique process.

What is great about this online dating site is that its members are much more serious and honest.

Every member has given their time and effort to create a page that focuses on your personality, not a shallow surface, this makes them so much more genuine.

I urge you to take a look at Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour, these two features will give a new meaning to online dating and provide much greater results for long-lasting and true love.

Good luck with everything!